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Guarded parking

for inhabitants and visitors of Prague´s housing estates Prague 8, the part Ládví a Prague 5, the part Zbraslav.

Flying away

a service for clients who need to park in the capital and continue to travel by plane. Our services provide a comfortable accommodation of their car at a guarded car park and taking the client to the airport and back.


the service is offered to visitors of Prague who stay here at a hotel. We provide a comfortable accommodation of their car at a guarded car park ensuring all standards when providing their car´s transport or accompaniment of the client to the car park and their subsequent transport to a place of their choice.

ONI System

the service is offered to clients who wish a complex security and safeguarding of their vehicle also outside the guarded car park. We are a business partner of the ONI system which offers to its clients safeguarding of a vehicle by means of GPS module and GSM/GPRS net.

Additional services to parking

these services are offered to all our clients. These services (washing, starting) are aimed at promoting the quality and comfort of the services mentioned above as well as promoting our company´s reputation.

Safeguarding of people and property

a wide range of these services are offered to clients who wish to reduce at maximum quality security risks endangering their property. We also provide a personal safeguarding of clients who got into a difficult life or business situation which endangers their existential needs.

And the best at the end!

All our services are offered NONSTOP - 24 hours a day!

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