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D.A.N. Security - Daniel Hála

Our motto: "High quality, reliability, confidentiality."

We have been providing the guarded parking services in the capital of Prague 24 hours a day for 11 years!

The company was founded in 1996. The initial aim was to provide services with respect to property and people protection. At first, we specialised in securing night clubs and personal protection of clients who had got into existential troubles.

We founded our first car park in the middle of 1997. At first it only served as a free working space for personal guards in-between their individual commissions. However, only a year later in 1998, guarding the car parks became one of the principal focuses of the company. In the course of time we started several guarded car parks and currently we are running two of them.

Prague 8, Na Malém Klínu Street - we ran this car park from 1997 to 2004. Then, we cleared the space for metro construction of line 4CII. We reopened the car park on 1 November 2007. See the map - here.

Prague 5 – Zbraslav, Ke Kamínce street – we have been running this car park non-stop since 1999. See the map - here.

Ever since starting the first car park, we have aimed at providing services in the highest quality. We do not make our guards wear uniforms, but we want them to know what to do in every situation. A perfect service (safeguarding), the ability to satisfy our clients´ wishes, confidentiality, flexibility; discretion and speed when deciding in troublesome situations – these are qualities we require from our guards.

We try to achieve a minimal staff turnover: firstly, because of energy and finance needed to train them and secondly, in order to sustain the quality of services provided. For example, at the car park in Prague 8, a total of 6 guards only have been employed in course of 8 years of non-stop service.

An important aspect of our services is the insurance of guarded vehicles. Although the costs amount to hundreds of thousands, we have never considered cancelling this safety aspect so important to our clients.

With respect to the confidentiality to our clients, we cannot name any clients as reference. What we can state is a fact regarding the insurance. In course of 10 years of running the guarded car parks, we have had only 6 insured accidents. They all were caused by a guarding dog (which died last year) when attempting to kill a cat hiding under a car. All claims were fully settled by the insurance company.

We strongly believe that you will be more than satisfied with our services.

And the best at the end!

All our services are offered NONSTOP - 24 hours a day!


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