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BlueLine – parking service for hotels

The aim of this service is to offer the visitors of Prague a comfortable accommodation of their car at a guarded car park ensuring all standards when providing their car´s transport or accompaniment of the client to the car park and their subsequent transport to a place of their choice.

The client may order the service in advance, together with their hotel accommodation, or without booking at the reception desk after the arrival at the hotel. Depending on the order, a personal accompaniment or an accompanying car will be ready there to lead the client to the guarded car park. After settling the formalities, the client will be taken to a metro station, to the city centre, to the airport, or to the hotel according to their wish.

During the agreed period of the car´s accommodation the client may use the vehicle any time – leave and come back. Of course, it is also possible to make use of the services of accompaniment and transport. After terminating the service, the client can be accompanied - according to the agreement - on the way out of the city etc.

Dispatching of BlueLine service: tel.: +420 775 192 196 – nonstop


The price for the first 24 hours includes: the parking fee, the client´s accompaniment or the transport of their car to the car park, taking the client to a place of their choice and after the parking is finished driving up of the car to the hotel or the accompaniment to the car park.

Rate in Czk
First 24 hours 800,- Czk
Every other commenced 24 hours 400,- Czk
Driving up the vehicle to the hotel and its follow-up transport to the guarded car park 500,- Czk
Waiting for the customer + 5,- Czk per minute


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