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ONI System – monitoring and guarding of vehicles




ONI System and ONI Monitoring service and ONI Guarding service

The idea and aims:

To provide users with a tool which will help them guard and monitor mobile objects, navigate and check drivers. The aim is to protect lives, health and property, support low-budget management and all that with low initial and operating costs.

Who may make use of the system?

For users who want to know perfectly the current position and all previous travel history of their vehicles and who want to lower their operating costs and simplify the paper work. Each user of ONI Monitoring service gets automatically software Travel Ledger XP for vehicles registered in ONI system.

General advantages of on-line vehicle monitoring:

• Constant knowledge of the vehicle´s position and condition

• Effective management of the fleet

• Optimalization of routes

• Checking the employees

• Lowering the operating costs

Advantages of ONI vehicle monitoring service:

• User´s easy access to data

• Simple manipulation

• Electronic travel ledger

• Low acquisition costs

• Low operating costs

Advantages of ONI system include:

1.       Easy access to vehicle information via internet or mobile phone

2.       VVery low acquisition costs (a vehicle set from 1 Czk – in instalments, application and map fundamental for free!)

3.       Very low operating costs (from 200 Czk/month)

4.       Fast recovery of investment (within a few months)

5.       Perfect check of vehicles, drivers (identification, animation of drives, navigation connection)

6.       Cutting down on running costs of vehicles (by 20% on average!)

7.       Easy handling of travel ledger (acknowledged by the law of the Czech Republic)

ONI Monitoring service as a unique service of its kind offers you an actual on-line monitoring of all your vehicles at once!




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